Mechanical Testing

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Ram-tensile Testing

      The standard mechanical test that HEMI uses to determine bond strength is the ram-tensile test.  Shown in the schematic below, a specimen is machined from a bonded plate with a hole through the bond on one side.  The opposite side has a larger diameter turned through the bond.  This allows the specimen to sit in the testing fixture and the ram pressure forces apart the bond in tension.  A before and after picture of an aluminum/stainless sample is shown in Figures 1 and 2.


Figure 1.  Ram-tensile sample

Figure 2.  Fractured Ram-tensile sample


Shear Testing

     Shear testing is also performed at HEMI to determine a shear strength of the clad material.  This can be difficult with very thin clads (<.062") but the test specimen and fixture shown in Figure 3 are easily fabricated and give reliable accurate results.



Figure 3.  Schematic of shear test specimen & fixture


 Figure 4.  Al/SS shear test, 19,400 psi